Schedule Overview

The City completed an initial planning study for the project in 2007. The City then had to find funding to continue the design through the Caltrans project development process since a pedestrian/bicycle bridge would have to cross through the State right of way. In 2013, the City secured funding for the first of the three steps necessary to complete the Caltrans process for developing an approved final design for construction.

This first phase, the "Project Initiation Document" (PID) phase began in April 2013 and was completed in February 2015. The second phase, the "Project Approval/Environmental Document" (Caltrans PA/ED) phase began in July 2015 and is expected to be complete in January 2017. The third step in the process is the final design phase (also known as the PS&E phase). Final design is expected to take up to 24 months to complete and construction is expected to take approximately 18 months, putting project completion into the Fall of 2021.

Click here for a graphical depiction of the project schedule.

For more info on the Caltrans project development process, click here.