Welcome to the San Mateo 101/Hillsdale pedestrian/bicycle alternative alignment voting page.
Below are the 4 alternatives (A through D) that were presented at the San Mateo public meeting on August 19, 2014.  Please review the displays and descriptions, then select the one alternative you prefer the most. Voting is now closed, please see below for the results.

Alternative A - 3 votes

This alternative is the basic pedestrian/bicycle bridge alignment over the 101/Hillsdale interchange, connecting the Hillsdale Blvd/Franklin Pkwy intersection to the west with the Hillsdale Blvd/Norfolk St intersection to the east.

“I think the bike/ped lane is great but I have no interest in paying for more than is necessary cause we all know it comes down to the residents paying for it in the end.”

Alternative B - 14 Votes

This alternative includes the basic alignment of Alternative A, and adds two west side connections to Hillsdale Court as well as an east side connection to La Selva St.
West side connections:  The direct connector (blue) to Hillsdale Court would have a steep grade of up to 10% and would not be ADA (wheelchair) compliant.  The winding connector (green) to Hillsdale Court would be ADA compliant and could be built without the direct connector (blue).
East side connection:  The connection to La Selva St would cross over the freeway off-ramp, require right-of-way take from a parking lot to avoid impacting the soundwall, and would also have impacts to utilities located in the area.

Let's do this right the first time and include the maximum number of connections. Let's also work to connect this with high quality cycling facilities on each end. Please look at road diets and parking removal to get more space on both sides of the freeway so that people feel comfortable for their entire journey by bike. Thanks!

Don't wait...start right away before Alternative B is outdated and costs go up even higher. This project should have been completed years ago!

Layout preferred is plan B or C. However. this presentation does not show the design of the bridge for whatever pathway is chosen. Will we be able to vote on that?

The more comprehensive bridge concept (B) seems ideal, but C would also work if the impact on utilities at La Silva St. is too expensive.

I'm not sure why we have to have a bridge going over the freeway, only have my iPhone to read on, so didn't read all the details. If we have to have one, I think B would be better as you do have a choice of where to get on and off. I don't think we need one like the ralston one, it is pretty, but seems you have a longer walk to get from one side to the other. So, B seems to be good as the people at the east end of hillsdale would not have to walk west to get to the on ramp. Same with LaSelva St corridor.

More connections, the better! Nice to avoid biking on Hillsdale.

I like the idea that the "Village People" could walk to the stores , restaurants an d services that abound at the Marina complex without having to brave the busy Hillsdale/Norfolk cross-section and that the walk form Los Prados would make access to the Mall and the Park/waterfront much easier for access

Alternative C - 8 Votes

This alternative includes the basic alignment of Alternative A, and adds the two west side connections to Hillsdale Court. 

Looking forward to a safe alternative to get over 101

Alternative D - 4 Votes

This alternative includes the basic alignment of Alternative A, and adds the east side connection to La Selva St.